Umbria & Chianti Trip


Sep 22 - 29 2025


All Day

Umbria & Chianti Trip: 2025

Join Bella Grace Vineyards, with Michael & Charlie Havill, on this wine and culinary adventure through the green heart of Italy. From the tucked-away villages of Umbria to the wineries and vineyard-clad hills of Chianti, experience the rich history, local traditions, gastronomy, and striking medieval architecture that permeates these regions.

This unforgettable journey is sure to satisfy all your senses. This trip will be a small group of up to 24 TOTAL people, making it an experience to last a lifetime. Members who joined Bella Grace in 2023 on our Tuscany Experi trip can tell you what a wonderful experience they had!

The itinerary is available on our trips website, Bella Grace Umbria & Chianti 2025. 

Here is a little more information on Umbria & Chianti!


Umbria, often referred to as the “green heart of Italy,” is a region rich in natural beauty, ancient history, and culture. It is known for its rolling hills, olive orchards, vineyards, and picturesque landscapes.


Chianti, a beautiful & renowned region in Tuscany, Italy, is famed for its rolling vineyards, charming medieval villages, and signature Chianti Classico wine, a robust red made predominantly from Sangiovese grapes. You will fall in love with the surrounding area of Chianti, including the city of Siena, visiting the beautiful Siena Cathedral (Doumo).

Doumo Di Siena

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