Amador Barbera

Are we looking for Bella Grace Barbera? You’ve come to the right spot! At Bella Grace Vineyards, we’re all about our Barbera wines. We don’t just have one; we have five different Barberas for you to try, each showing what makes Amador Barbera so unique. Plus, we’ve got two Barbera blends that mix things up and add even more flavors. Whether you’re a longtime Barbera fan or just curious to try something new, we’ve got plenty of options to explore. This Weekend is the perfect opportunity to try all of our Barberas from 6/28 to 6/30. Both locations will feature an exclusive BARBERA WINE FLIGHT – find out more here. 

Why do our Barberas stand out? 
At Bella Grace, we harvest from not one but SIX unique Barbera vineyards. This diversity allows us to create six separate barrel lots, providing flexibility in our blending and winemaking process.
We also utilize 500L French Oak Puncheon barrels and a massive 792-gallon Barbera barrel housed in our cave, which you can explore during your weekend visit. These larger barrels enhance our control over the process, letting us monitor the development of each vineyard’s unique characteristics over time.