Lauren Hartwick
July 6, 2017 | Lauren Hartwick

Strangers No More

Bella Grace is honored to welcome one of Northern California’s top Americana band “The Random Strangers” to their stage for the July 15th “Sounds in the Vineyard” Music Festival.

“Americana” music is truly a home-grown gem. Like the country it’s named for, Americana music takes the traditions of many and melts them together into something truly unique. An amalgamation of folk music sounds and traditions that have developed through the centuries, the music blends the traditions of country, roots-rock, bluegrass, Cajun, R&B, and blues music into a distinctive sound that lives worlds-apart from any other genre.

“Americana music is truly genuine, encompassing the sounds and feel of the American roots musical experience,” Random Strangers vocalist and guitar player Suzanne Todd explains. “It’s a distinct roots-oriented sound.”

Describing their sound as “dynamite pickin’ and smooth harmonies,” the Random Strangers preform a set list with everything from blistering ballads to foot-stomping romps. “Our music is very danceable for those who like to shake a leg,” Todd says.

The Random Strangers are not actually “strangers” to the Sierra Foothills and her audiences. Three of the members grew up in El Dorado County, and four of the five members make their homes in the Sierra Foothills to this day.

“We identify with the lower-stress, laid-back lifestyle of foothill life and its musical communities,” Todd explains. “We LOVE playing in the foothills!”

Experience the best of local Americana music with The Random Strangers at Bella Grace Vineyards “Sounds in the Vineyard” music festival, July 15th from 5pm-9pm. Admission is $25 ($20 for wine club members) and includes a complimentary glass of wine and Bella Grace logo glass. Pizza, wine and beer will also be available for sale. Lawn chairs are welcome. Seating is limited.

Bella Grace Vineyards is located at 22715 Upton Road in Plymouth. For tickets and more information, please visit or call (209) 267-8053.


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